Cargo Spectrum 15 Years And Counting!

In the 15 years since Martin Howard founded Vancouver-based Cargo Spectrum Forwarding Inc, he has seen an abundance of logistics trends. Martin has always been interested in the history of transportation and what it tells us about the past. He believes learning how global economies evolved gives us perspective that makes the present more understandable and brings the future more clearly into view.

So, although Cargo Spectrum is always evolving, in order to better understand our future direction, it’s useful to briefly review who we are. Cargo Spectrum is a Canadian-based logistics company, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in domestic and international freight forwarding services and commercial logistics solutions that help businesses react, fast.

After opening its doors in 2004, a new logistics business concept to offer unique, creative and specialized freight forwarding solutions was born. The idea was simple – customers commercial freight forwarding needs would be met anywhere their business took them, while Cargo Spectrum serves as the all-in-one logistics provider.

Since the beginning, Cargo Spectrum has had one commitment – Customer Service. Martin feels strongly that growth and market position would not have been attained without the support of long-standing, valued customers and partners. With exclusive memberships, global partnerships and strategic alliances with internationally recognized networks and industry associations, including the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), we continue to be a prominent freight forwarding intermediary in Canada and across the globe.

15 years later, Cargo Spectrum’s commercial logistics concept is still instrumental in helping companies achieve balance by saving them time and money so they can focus on more important parts of their business, rather than worrying about their commercial cargo shipments.

Martin’s management team’s extensive knowledge and broad experience in the logistics industry, highly trained staff, as well as, access to facilities at international airports, ports, terminals and warehouses, Cargo Spectrum handles it all, from the smallest details to the biggest challenges.

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