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As an Approved Participant in Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program, Cargo Spectrum has prepared & organized acceptance procedures to accommodate Transport Canada’s regulatory measures for cargo being transported onboard passenger aircrafts.

100% of cargo transported onboard a domestic, international or trans-border passenger flight departing a CATSA-designated Canadian airport must be secured & confirmed at the air carrier level as having met some security requirements. For domestic & international passenger flights, cargo must come from a Registered Shipper or be actively screened using approved methods by either an Approved Participant in the ACS Program or the air carrier.

Failure to register as a Registered Shipper will subject your air cargo to additional handling, screening, fees & delays. If you are already a Registered Shipper, there is no change to your current shipment procedures, Transport Canada requires that all shipments be screened regardless of shipper’s security status.

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