COVID-19 Info

A Message To Our Community

It’s great to see you here.

People first. The safety and wellbeing of our team, customers and partners is our top priority.

We’re closely monitoring the changing landscape of COVID-19 so we can make the best decisions possible to support our team and community.

The dynamic nature of this situation means that things are always changing. We know that every decision we make during this time impacts our team and community as a whole.

In a year that’s been anything but normal, now is a chance to look back and reflect on the resilient efforts of so many.

To you, our loyal customers and partners, thank you for your continued support and trust.

To our frontline COVID-19 healthcare heroes, thank you for your fearless service.

To our team, I’m so proud of all of your hard work and commitment.

We’re following every protocol and doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our team, customers, partners and community.

Thanks to our COVID-19 Safety Plan and the huge efforts of our team, there has been no confirmed community-spread of the COVID-19 virus within our office spaces.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan ensures all our essential team members needing to work at the office, essential visitors and our local community stay safe.

COVID-19 training material and guidance has been provided to all our team members to allow them to take the necessary steps to keep each other safe and communal areas and workstations disinfected.

The logistics and freight forwarding industry has been key in supporting the public and global economic infrastructures throughout the pandemic. Our team and partners continue to work to keep our global supply chains and the world’s manufactured goods – moving.

You can always reach us on 1.888.273.5575 or by email at

We’re in this together.


Martin Howard
President and Founder

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Policies, Measures and Procedures!

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