Dangerous Goods

Our integrated logistics ensure efficient forwarding
of Dangerous Goods cargo

At Cargo Spectrum, we know the ABC’s of shipping Dangerous Goods by air, ocean or ground in accordance to Transport Canada and international regulations. We are an Approved Participant in Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program (ACS) and streamlined with the regulatory measures in Transport Canada’s Transportation Security Clearance Program (TSCP).


Cargo Spectrum staff understand what the Dangerous Goods classes are. Our personnel are required to be adequately trained and maintain valid Dangerous Goods qualifications at all times in order to properly prepare and process Dangerous Goods shipments. We are aware of the legal requirements, operational restrictions and governing entities to know how to champion Dangerous Goods compliance standards.


Our ability to identify weak links in handling procedures and safety issues and apply them in the workplace to maximize cargo handling is an asset to any business shipping Dangerous Goods. Cargo Spectrum provides a variety of freight forwarding solutions to safely propel your product to its destination, leaving your customers with a great impression of your high quality standards.


Don’t worry, we’ll handle it! From the smallest details to the biggest challenges when shipping Dangerous Goods. Cargo Spectrum’s impressive network of domestic and international partners, combined with our highly trained team of professionals each and every commercial shipment is planned and coordinated according to its unique requirements.

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