Warehousing and Distribution

Comprehensive commercial Warehousing and Distribution services.

We’ve partnered with bonded warehousing companies across Canada, enabling us
to offer short and long-term commercial Warehousing and Distribution logistics
within state-of-the-art facilities.

Warehousing and Distribution services

Empower your freight supply chain.

• Warehouse Storage & Handling
• Consolidation & Distribution
• Packing & Crating Services
• Shipment Labelling
• X-Ray Screening
Expedite delay-in-transit or trans-load commercial import shipments to reduce inland transportation costs or distribute to multiple final destinations.

Cargo Spectrum can load your commercial shipment at point of origin, sort by final destination and ship direct to the intended locations, ensuring that your inbound and outbound supply chains unite with accuracy and efficiency. From Warehouse Storage, Handling services, Consolidation, Distribution, Packing, Crating, Shipment Labelling, X-Ray Screening and more!

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